We’re here to help your entire family feel it’s best and live a long happy life!

Patients of all ages can benefit from our care: infants, teenagers, middle-aged and elderly people. Our skilled team is well equipped to deal with any type of condition keeping your goal of relief in mind!

Core Care

Our care plans have been a savior for many people. Our chiropractic care has provided relief when other treatments have failed to do so. With our comprehensive health and wellness programs, we have proved that a change towards a healthy lifestyle is just an appointment away.

• Personal Injuries

People often underestimate the impact of personal injuries. The ramifications of car accidents (even a fender bender) or slips and falls can be felt three to four years down the line if not addressed immediately. A minor injury can escalate into a major setback for you and your family. Our treatment programs guide you on the road to recovery early on!

• Sports Injuries

Playing sports is a fun way of maintaining your health- we know that! The flipside is that sports related injuries could cause more damage than you may think. Our sports rehabilitation program has help many people feel relief, and even gain an advantage on the field!

• Pediatrics and Pregnancy

A woman’s body goes through many complications during and after pregnancy. We can ease your pain and help you reduce your stress. Right from the initial stage of pregnancy, we help you and your child. Dr. James will work with you to get a jumpstart on building a better future for both of you… one filled with endless happiness and many, many smiles.

• Nutritional Support

Feeling tired? Not feeling like you? Many people don’t realize they are malnourished! That could be you.

Nutritional deficiency can cause many indirect problems. Nutritional support helps muscle recovery and resolves nutrition deficits. We offer nutritional support as a supplement to your treatment or vitamins/supplements for those who just want a balanced, nutritious life.

Don’t Wait Any Longer to Feel Better!

Ensure your family’s health and happiness! Allow us to take the best care of you and help you feel good again! Schedule an appointment today, we’d love to meet you!